Little Steps Great Success, LLC

Little Steps Great Success

Helping Families of Children with Disabilities since 2012

Little Steps Great Success is an agency founded by two teachers with a combined 30 years of experience in the fields of special education and autism.  We have dedicated our careers to helping children and families affected by autism and other developmental disabilities learn to function in a world that can be extremely confusing...for both the children and their families!  With experience based in both the public school system and the private sector, we have seen that even the best programs can fail without proper support at home.  Our biggest success stories have come from students and families who create continuity between home and school, fostering our belief that success for our students truly begins at home, and parents are their own children's greatest teachers.

At Little Steps Great Success, we are dedicated to making the world of Applied Behavior Analysis accessible to parents and families whose children benefit from ABA. Our mission is to help parents and families understand how to communicate with and educate their children with developmental disabilities.  We provide a multitude of services in the Long Island and Westchester areas, including consulting, service coordination, parent and family training, assessment, and direct home instruction for children that involves families in every step of the process.

Don't be afraid...enter your child's world!

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